UCLA on YouTube

UCLA on YouTube.com's Staff Policy on Intellectual Property and Copyright

What's this about?

UCLA on YouTube.com wants to be on top of copyright and intellectual property (IP) concerns.

What does this mean?

When the staff at UCLA on YouTube.com publishes videos, we work really hard to comply with copyright policies of the University of California (where available and informed by commonly accepted practices of the industry, etc...).

How do you do this?

  • Outreach and consultation: UCLA provides outreach and consultation to faculty and staff on these issues. When appropriate, UCLA on YouTube.com can work with faculty and staff to discuss replacing copyrighted materials in videos. A video will not be distributed via YouTube.com until it "gets legal."
  • Pre-distribution review: UCLA on YouTube.com staff reviews every video. We may remove copyrighted materials from videos.
  • Authorization: We ask staff and faculty to get release forms (PDF) signed by the video's primary presenters (lecturers, instructors, panelists, speakers, moderators, emcees, etc.) before the video is posted to YouTube.com.

What happens is there's a violation?

We hope that there will never, ever be a violation. But if a video is discovered to violate the Intellectual Property and Copyright Compliance Policy, it will be removed per the UCLA on YouTube.com Take Down Policy.

Who decides?

UCLA on YouTube.com staff makes inclusion decisions for the YouTube.com channel. Questions? Contact us.

What about licensing?

This is a pretty advanced question. We'll have to revert to "legalese": The Regents of the University of California retain the copyright of all videos offered through UCLA on YouTube.com. These videos are licensed to end users based on the preference of faculty participants and/or content providers. The default license attached to videos for distribution is Creative Commons - non-commercial, attribution, no derivatives (CC 2.5 license).