UCLA on YouTube

Frequently asked questions about UCLA's YouTube.com Channel

Why is UCLA on YouTube.com?

UCLA is one of the top universities in the world.  YouTube.com is the leader in online video.  It just makes sense. 

UCLA can bring educational content to YouTube.com's audience of millions of viewers.  We can share special events and news - and show the world what an amazing place UCLA is for students, faculty, staff, the community and the world. 

What is YouTube.com?

YouTube.com allows people to easily upload and share video clips on www.YouTube.com and across the Internet through Web sites, mobile devices, blogs and email.

How can I use UCLA's YouTube.com channel?

  • Watch videos:  Everyone can watch videos on YouTube.com.  Check out UCLA's channel at www.youtube.com/ucla
  • Submit content:  Faculty and staff can submit content for UCLA's YouTube.com channel.  The benefit to posting on UCLA's channel?  You'll reach people looking for information about UCLA. 
  • Reach more people:  Embed videos from UCLA's YouTube.com channel into your Web site ... email links of videos to UCLA supporters ... subscribe to receive UCLA videos as they are uploaded.  Learn more from YouTube.com.

Why post on UCLA's channel on YouTube.com?

The benefit to posting on UCLA's channel?  You'll reach people looking for information about UCLA. 

YouTube.com has found that "views" - an important indicator of how well your content is reaching audiences - go up when university's videos are centralized into one channel.  That's why we worked with YouTube.com to create www.youtube.com/ucla.

I'm lost. Can you walk me through uploading, encoding, registering for an account...etc?

Please refer to our video tutorials for step-by-step instructions on: how to register for an account; encoding your video; uploading your video; checking the status of your video. If you have questions, please refer to this FAQ page first. If you still cannot find the answer, you can contact us for additional help.

Can I use video clips from other sources and music from my own collection in my videos?

Using clips of copyrighted songs or video is strictly prohibited. If you have permission to use third party footage or licensed music in your own video, be sure to keep a written copy of that permission. We also suggest citing the sources of your additional assets at the end of your video and in the description field of your meta data.

What specifications (video/audio) are needed for my videos?

Check out the video specification details we've posted or visit YouTube's help page for video and audio codec settings.

How do I get my videos to appear in High Definition (HD)?

Before uploading your videos to us, please be sure you've followed Youtube's recommendations for video optimization. If you are sending us HD video for the first time, we suggest sending a sample 1 minute clip first. After we test your footage and approve it, you can continue to send us the rest of your videos in HD*.

*Due to numerous variables, we cannot guarantee your videos will be available in HD. Following Youtube's suggested encoding settings is your best road to HD. No deviations to the posted encoding details are accepted.

Where can I learn more about YouTube High Definition (HD)?

When can I expect my videos to be posted on YouTube?

Please allow up to 24-48 hours for your video to be processed and posted on youtube.com/ucla. We sometimes experience periods of high upload traffic and we ask for your patience.

How can I check the status of my videos?

Log into your producer account and choose "My Videos" from the Contribute Tools menu. You'll find the statuses of all the videos you have uploaded to youtube.ucla.edu. You'll find links, embed codes, and annotation access (if requested).

Who is running UCLA's YouTube channel?

UCLA students at GSE&IS conducted extensive research before developing a plan for the channel.  University Communications is facilitating the channel. 

Unlike UCLA on iTunes U, YouTube.com can't be set up for multiple administrators on a single channel.  Videos must be loaded from a central location. 

Why does UCLA's channel look different from other channels?

Students at GSE&IS conducted an extensive information architecture study for UCLA on YouTube.com, including user testing.  Their research led to a recommendation to move the search box up on the page - making it easy for users to find UCLA videos.  To do this, we had to eliminate the "Featured Video" box (which most users found irrelevant and annoying anyway). 

UCLA's YouTube.com channel may look a little different from other pages, but you can use it as a portal to UCLA video content on YouTube.com.  See a video presentation on the student research.