UCLA on YouTube

10 steps to get started

Want to submit video to UCLA's YouTube.com channel?  Here are 10 easy steps for faculty and staff.

1. Complete the user agreement

Access our secure server using your UCLA login and complete the user agreement.

2. Plan your shoot 

YouTube.com offers three tips for university videos:

  • BE REAL:  People respond to personality online.  Let your subjects and the images tell your story.  Starting your video with a professor or student talking informally about your topic will be more compelling than a voiceover. 
  • BE INTERESTING:  Keep your audience in mind - they want to see how the information in your video will affect them.  A major focus?  Taking ideas out of the lab.  Show how what happens at UCLA results in tangible, real-world benefits.
  • BE CONSISTENT:  Brand, brand, brand.  See #6 below for help.

The best way to follow YouTube's advice?  Develop an idea of what you want to accomplish before you start shooting.

3. Get permission

  • Get releases from all the people in your video. Download release form (PDF).
  • Be careful about who or what else is in the shot (people who have not signed releases, logos, background music).
  • Make sure to respect copyright and intellectual property. See copyright policy.

4. Shoot video

5. Edit video

  • According to comScore, the average length of an Internet video stream is 2.6 minutes.  Unless you are doing a course or lecture, your video should probably be even shorter.  This means hooking viewers early, then telling the story in a concise manner.  Longer content?  Consider cutting it into a series of "webisodes." 
  • Want to add music?  Search for royalty-free music online.

6. Brand your video

  • We'll add the UCLA watermark and closing slide.
  • We provide branded title banners and credits for your use - check the Branding page in the Video Uploader.
  • Consider adding a URL or email address to the end of your videos so viewers can access more information.

7. Title your video

  • Titles can make or break your success on the Web.  Choose a clear, succinct title.  Consider an angle that intrigues.  For example, "Why Greens will win the presidency," works better than "Interview, Professor Jones, 07/08."  
  • If you plan to provide content regularly, think through how your titles can be consistent across a series.

8. Describe your video

  • Description:  Since today's search engines don't catalog video content, text is key.  Write an interesting description - and get critical points upfront (since YouTube.com collapses descriptions to a couple of lines).
  • Tags are another search tool.  You will be prompted to add tags when you load your video.  Bear in mind that tags are only searched by individual words (this is why we tag everything UCLA, as opposed to University of California).  Keep this in mind as you choose your tags.

9. Complete the video submission form

  • We want to make it easy, so our Video Uploader has a form that automatically formats your data for YouTube.com.

10. Submit your video

How to submit:

  • Video Uploader
  • UCLA mail: Director, Integrated Communications, 1000 Wilshire Center, Mail Code 152748
  • USPS: Director, Integrated Communications, University Communications, UCLA, Box 951527, 1000 Wilshire Center, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1527

We try to get video online as quickly as possible.  If you have a time-sensitive video, please contact us.

You're done!  Now what? 

Leverage your video: Embed videos from UCLA's YouTube.com channel into your Web site ... email links of videos to UCLA supporters ... subscribe to receive UCLA videos as they are uploaded.  Learn more from YouTube.com.