UCLA on YouTube

Quality Guidelines

What is this about?

We all have the same goal - to get our messages out to our audiences.  Messages get lost if you can't hear them or if a shaky shot makes you seasick.  So staff will review all content to make sure it is of an acceptable technical quality. 


Videos posted should be timeless. They should not be relevant to a particular time period such as the promotion of a contest, upcoming event, class syllabus or Q&A session relating to a particular course.

The hosting of videos for courses or supplemental course material should be referred to BruinCast (http://bruincast.ucla.edu).

Non-eligible videos:

  • Videos that include copyrighted material such as music, photography, television segments and movie clips that have not been authorized for clearance.
  • Contests or promotions for upcoming events
  • Content that includes commercial logos or messages
  • Models, graphs or experiments
  • Classroom syllabuses or teaching tools such as a Q&A session
  • Classroom lectures

"Acceptable technical quality?" What does that mean?


  • Use a tripod.
  • Sufficiently light the subjects of the video so they are clearly visible. 
  • The image must be in focus (text should be legible if capturing a projected image).
  • Position camera(s) to avoid capturing people walking or sitting in front of the lense.
  • In general, frame subjects from the head-on perspective (avoid framing subjects in profile) with a medium shot (just below the sternum to the top of the head).
  • Using multiple cameras?
  • If zooming is necessary, a variable zoom controller and high-quality tripod with a fluid head can mitigate unsteady or jerky camera movements.


  • Place the microphone close enough to the subject to capture audible, intelligible and comprehensible sound.
  • The audio should be clear and free of hum or buzz.

How will this work?

Staff will review videos submitted to UCLA's YouTube.com channel to check production values.  If there are questions, we'll contact the content producer.  As appropriate, we can consult with content producers on post-production work such as video and/or audio editing so videos can meet the standards.