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How to Comply with Copyright Law and Intellectual Property Concerns

What's this about?

We love copyright and intellectual property laws, so we wanted to share how to "get legal" with your videos.

What's the first thing I should I do?

Before you submit a video, make sure you get release forms (PDF) from the primary subjects (lecturers, instructors, panelists, speakers, moderators, emcees, etc.).

What should I look for?

Make sure your video doesn't use the work of others without getting their permission. The most common copyright violations found are:

  • Music
  • Musical arrangements, including any accompanying words (e.g., even if you own the performance, make sure you have permission to broadcast the arrangement)
  • Pictures
  • Graphic works
  • Motion pictures and other audiovisual works
  • Sound recordings
  • Dramatic works, including any accompanying music

What else can I do?

  • Edit out sections of the video that have copyright-protected materials (e.g., show a photo or video at the beginning or end of a class so it is easy to edit out)
  • Substitute royalty-free music (search online for sources of low-cost, royalty-free music)
  • Re-create charts
  • Secure permission from copyright holders

What if the staff at UCLA on YouTube.com finds copyright violations in a video that is submitted for the channel?

See our staff policy.

What happens if a video on the UCLA on YouTube.com channel is discovered to violate intellectual property concerns and copyright law?

The video will be removed in accordance with the Take Down Policy.

I'm obsessive about copyright.

So are we! Great to meet a kindred spirit. Learn more by checking out UC's Copyright Policy.